Summer 2010 “Underdog Mentality” Line Unveiled

If you’ve been paying attention to our universe within the last 2 months you’ve probably seen me post a little bit of this and that in regards to our new release. Well, in fashionably late style, we’re inches away from printing.

The concept of the line will be dubbed “Underdog Mentality.” Save for the first line (a year ago), I like our releases  to have an overall message that is reinforced through each piece. Sure, I could be like: “Here’s the new line, doesn’t it look cool? Now buy it” but being a stickler for meaning, I’d rather put out something genuine that y’all can relate to.

The concept is all about embodying the mindset of the underdog. Always striving, humble and against the odds, underdogs see hope where there is none and always pull through immeasurable odds. We’re all striving for a better life and this collection is all about embracing the character traits of this illustrious achiever.

Now  on to the lowdown of the collection. For this release I’m dropping three (possibly four) new tees,  two tank-tops and a basketball jersey. I say three because I’m still undecided as I’m awaiting a final quote from my printer. I’ll be printing 50 tees per design and for the tank-tops and jersey, quantities will be limited to 25. If you paid attention to the last release, we sold out of some sizes quite fast so if you got the dough then you best act, yo!

Anyhow, the release is the perfect antidote to a hot summer or venue/ party for that matter. I wanted to have everything out by August but with design edits, having to find another tat/ graf artist midway and some other little setbacks, here we are. Folks, I’m just a one-man team hustling early mornings and late nights to keep it moving so bear with me. I’m aiming for a first week drop in September as I’ll be gone to Hawaii from 8/14-8/24. I’m planning to have everything printed while I’m gone and once I return we’ll get some snazzy pics together for our first look-book and then the  product will flood the streets. If we run into any more set-backs we’ll keep you in the know.

I’m very excited with the new line as we were able to incorporate a graffiti and tattoo piece into the mix which is something I’ve wanted to do since starting. This new drop is going to be our best yet and I have a really good feeling about it. We’ve received a very positive response from our big boys club as well, tight.

On the prices front, after much contemplation they will be going up to $20. As I stated here:

From day one  my goal was to put out the best quality gear at the lowest price and I’ve lived up to that promise. However, quality does come with a price as I’m planning on adding (sick drum roll) legit screen print tags starting with our t-shirts.  Like any addition, this will cost more money and as a result I’ll have to bring the prices up.

Keep in mind that I should have done this with our Spring release because not only did I decrease the quantity we put out per design (from 75 to 50) but I also printed on better quality tees: Alstyle (which is what a lot of skate and street brands use). If you have ever printed shirts before you know that the more you print and lesser quality t-shirts you use the less you spend and the more potential you have to make. This is what bands do. Although some companies shortcut their customers to do this, SP is not one of them! I took a bit of a hit with the latest release but it’s all good as I attempted to keep prices in check and overlooked this expenditure.  If you’re still with me on this think about it this way, the more money I have to fund this operation, the more products I can release and the more consistent our overall release schedule will be. Believe me folks, i’m really itching to expand the product line to include caps, long sleeves, b-ball shorts, belts, wind breakers etc. and these things are not cheap!

For the naysayers out there, one more tidbit on the prices. If you calculated the time I put into this and how much we  pull in you’d probably quit right now but I have no intentions of doing so. To date I have not taken a cent and it’d be nice after a year of hustling to  to at least pay myself back for what I’ve already funneled into this company, I’m hoping you would agree. “

Running a clothing company is not exactly a simple business where you put forth minimal effort and make a lot of money. Maybe for Joe schmo that comes into this trying to snag a quick buck, but for someone who loves it and is committed to it, it can be a rather tedious and seemingly”not worth it” project. Luckily for your sake I’m all about it :o. Anyhow, I’ve got a list of things to print and need your support to get there so thank you for staying with me!

Another extra I’ll be including are pins. There are 5 designs total. To get your paws on em, all you got to do is buy more than one tee and you get 2 pins with your order! Supplies are limited so the first 100 orders will get the goods.

Being the naturally curious creatures that we are, I’m sure you would like a glimpse of what’s to come so here she is. FYI, the images are blurry because I was taking pics of my computer. Yup, we’re high tech!

Earn Your Respect

Family First


Always Prevail Jersey

Diamonds & Dice

Arrrreeee Yoooouuuuu Rrrreeeeaaaddddddyyyyy?



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  4. Maribeth says:

    Thanks for sharing. What a plseuare to read!

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