Come On, We’re Going On a Trip!

In a weeks time I will be hanging out with my dad, cruising the island, eating some amazing grinds and surfing my fucking ass off! This home is the beautiful island of Kauai otherwise known as the “Garden Isle” of Hawaii. Originally from Maui, Kauai has been my home away from home ever since my parents divorced when I was seven. Me and my mom shipped off to FL  and I would come back every summer to visit my dad.
I came back last summer for my grandfathers funeral and that was the first time in 8 damn years. I’ll never let that amount of time pass as family is not getting any younger, that’s something we should all remember. Kauai is definitely one of the most beautiful islands and a lot more laid back than the more touristy Oahu or Maui. There is no place like it. The attitude and dress are chill and if you got board shorts, slippaz (i.e sandals) and respect for the locals you will fit right in, well, sort of. 😮
It’ll be 9 days of relaxation and I could definitely use it right about now. Ive been working at my job for nearly a year and saving my vacation time for this trip. With a new camera in my company y’all can expect to join me as I’ll be periodically updating on the road.
Once I get back, our tees should be printed and after the lookbook is completed, our summer line will hit the streets. Big things are on the horizon folks, believe it!

Now peep some pics from last summers trip:

Where I normally shy away from meat, in Hawaii, I’m a total omnivore 😮

My time to shine

That’s a ravine, imagine living here!


The great phallic (AKA Dick) rock of Molokai. The story goes that if a woman sleeps on it overnight, she will become pregnant. There are offerings all around it. Get sprung!

A leper village in Molokai that still exists to this day

Hawaii Ohana (Family): half brother (left), nephew, dad and step mom/ brother on right. Don’t hate on my flower shirt!

What a cute baby

If you only knew…

Hawaii delicacy




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3 Responses to Come On, We’re Going On a Trip!

  1. juatin juice says:

    yo bro, you better come back with some souvenirs for me!

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