My Life My Fight Monday: Napoleon Hill

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

We’ve all heard the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) concept, but where did it first come into print? You guessed it, from this individuals books. Napoleon Hill was one of the first influential writers on the topics of personal achievement and potential and his work still influences countless others to this day (i.e Bad Brains, Toby-H20).

His life’s story is certainly a representation of this principle as well. From a young age, Hill was more concerned with his gun and the outlaw lifestyle than he was with his own potential success. This would all change with the death of his mother and the remarriage of his father. With a new mother figure in the house, Napoleon was convinced that he could be and do more through the pen than he could with his gun. Over a years time, his step mother tutored him and so gave birth to a new life purpose.

While Hill’s story was never a clear-cut rise to the top, he did make one big break that would sow the seeds of success nearly 20 years later after it’s passing. While on a freelance outing (for Bob Taylor’s Magazine) he met with and interviewed Andrew Carnegie. During the interview Carnegie would convey to Hill that the world needed a manual of sorts which would seek to lead and influence others to accomplish more in life. Carnegie then challenged Napoleon to devote 20 years of his life (with no compensation
) to this endeavor, and he would give him access to pick the brains of the most influential men of the time. He accepted. During this time: he would divorce twice, see business ventures rise to prominence then disappear and miss out on his kids upbringing, all to fulfill this promise. The result was “Think and Grow Rich,” a 200 page manual of example, principle and direction in the basic fundamentals of personal achievement.

What we can take away from Hills story is that no matter what life throws our way, if we have a positive mental attitude and a strong belief in self, nothing can be left to chance. If you’re looking for a bit of direction on your path, I highly recommend picking the book up as success has a tendency to leave clues. You can read a little more on his story here.

For a little more information on what MLMF Mondays are all about, peep this post.

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