My Life My Fight Monday: Brian Tracy

Often times, success does not come the way that society glamorizes: graduate high school, go to college with a clear plan and get a good paying job. It simply comes with ideas then the drive and determination to see them through.

Brian Tracy is a “success coach” that has helped to develop and motivate millions of people from around the world. He has written over 19 books on the subjects of marketing, personal development and human potential and has achieved “success” the world over. Did he achieve all of this because he was book smart with high honors grades? Not merely, as a high school drop out Tracy traveled his early years as a day laborer (tramp steamer) and when their was no more work he had an epiphany. He wanted something more for his life and took on a sales job. While shy at first, Tracy overcame this and would become one of the top salesmen in his company in under a year then surprisingly the vice president. After realizing his feats and how much he had been able to accomplish in such a short time, Tracy then dedicated his life to developing others through his observations and personal experiences. You can read a little more of his story here or here and I highly recommend picking up his best selling audio program the Psychology of Achievement.

Tracy’s story is an example in a long list that success is multi directional. Some achieve it through honors and ivy league schools while some in the modern hustle and bustle of working class life.  His story shows us that no matter where you are in life, you can always achieve big things as long as you take the first step in believing it!

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