My Life My Fight Monday: The Mike Tyson Story

In just about every light of pop culture (positive or negative), Mike Tyson has been there and done that. Known primarily for his legacy in boxing and equally his criminal charges and off the wall demeanor, Tyson just may be one of the most misunderstood characters in modern culture.

If one thing is certain though it’s that Tyson was a born fighter. He lived, breathed, and immersed himself in hand to hand combat and took it all the way to the top of the boxing world. His story is not eloquent or without hardship, it’s gritty and in your face. What we can all learn from him, is that if you believe in something strong enough and can back it with enough determination, you too can rise to unforeseen heights. Remember, limitations in life are what YOU make them, be mindful of this and NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT!

Check out the following documentary (separated in 11 clips):

For a little more information on what MLMF Mondays are all about, peep this post.

Thanks for tuning in, drop us some feedback on what you thought or maybe who you’d like to see covered in the future.



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