A Day With A Screenprinter

For most of us in this biz our relationship with our printer is usually confined to email and an occasional phone conversation. Luckily, I don’t have to carry on a distant relationship as mine’s about a half hour away from home-base. As I exclaimed in a previous post, I’m lending a hand to his online presence and have also decided to devote some undivided time to help him out around the shop. Screen-printing is  a clothing companies lifeblood and i’ve always been intrigued by the process so I figured I’d learn this art, yes ART!

I hope to have a direct hand in SP’s future prints as it’s kind of like a father-son connection or even cooler, Frankenstein and the mad scientist. Aside from my weird comparisons i had a nice time sweating it out in the FL heat while learning the ropes. There is a lot to the process and some of the things I learned today were cleaning the screens, applying the emulsion and actually aligning/ pressing the tees. Note to self: wear even shittier clothes and possibly a mask (those fumes are brutal). Here are some pics from the experience.

Some prints we did for Adam’s (the owner pictured above) line Darkhorse Clothing (couldn’t find the link). He gets about 24 orders per day! Envious, a bit, determined, very much so:

So if you’re needing anything printed please hit us up:

centralprintinginc (at) gmail.com



Shouts to all the screenprinters out there hustling. You guys work hard as hell even jeopordizing your health in the process all so that we can do what we do!



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