4th Of July Weekend SALE!!

So in honor of Americas Independence, I’m dropping a 3-day sale and you might want to pay attention for a steal of a deal! The “escalated” sale is on the remaining Summer (Keep Metal Out, Support Independent Hip-Hop, American Straightedge and SP Hammers) line and will go from Friday-Sunday. What’s this escalated sale I speak of? It’s my crafty way of saying that every day of the sale the cost per shirt will go up a dollar each day so it pays to order early.  It pans out like this:

Friday-$7 per tee

Saturday-$8 per tee

Sunday-$9 per tee

Sizes are limited so don’t sleep on it! To peep the stock that is left, check the inventory bars on each shirt via the store.

The main reason for the sale is to clear out a box and a ½ of remaining tees that are left over from last year. These prices are very close to cost so I’m trying to recoup what was spent, and directly funnel it into more expansive seasonal lines for you, the amazing supporter.

I have a lot of different stuff on my future print list so please give me a hand with getting there. On that note, our summer line is coming soon, GET STOKED!

Everyone have a safe weekend with lots of GOOD CLEAN FUN!!




About stillproudclothing

Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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