My Life My Fight Monday’s and the The Rocky Story

For the last month or so I had the ingenious idea to rename Monday as My Life My Fight Monday’s (after our t-design). I know, amazing right?

So what’s the point of that? I’m glad you asked. I picked Monday because not only is it the beginning of the week, but for most it’s not exactly the most pleasant day for obvious reasons (end of the weekend, work, reality). You hit snooze on your alarm clock, dread work/ class and I think you get the picture by now. Now how does the shirt tie into all of this? Man, your questions are on point. From our Store, the tee shirt description reads:

“It’s not exactly a welcoming world out there. Through constant struggle and adversity simply finding yourself and your true purpose in life is a tough fight. I released this design to pay respect to the task of finding your way in the world. In the end this is your life, aim high and keep your hands up at all times.”

The truth is that we’re all fighting for something (money, the weekend, fame, the scenarios are endless) and this is SP’s way of saying to keep your head up, know what you’re worth, and fight for where you want to be. It may be the beginning of a long and grueling week and if that’s the way you currently look at it (and you are dis-empowered or further unmotivated), simply break your conditioning! You can start by putting it into a different context such as it being the beginning of a chance to better focus your life or start something new. Through constant reinforcement, this eventually becomes ingrained into your thought pattern, give it a try. On the other hand, if you’re content with everything kudos to you, fill us in on what’s good in your life and what got you through?

I’m a sucker for inspirational/ underdog stories and on such a crucial day when you’re now ready to take on the world (after reading this post, ha), I wanted to drop one on you. I love the Rocky movies, sure they may not be the most action packed or fast moving films but the one thing they do have is heart. The story behind the films creator, Sylvester Stallone, is simply amazing. This dude came from nothing,  lost just about everything (even selling his own dog) and finally through persistence, made it. Check his story out (as told by Anthony Robbins) here:

Pretty amazing huh? I’ll leave you with a clip from the last Rocky film (you can fast forward to 2:34). Oh and if you want to pick up the shirt, click here (sizes are low) :o).

Stay tuned for next weeks MLMF story. Now get out and tackle the week like your life depended on it!


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