SP Summer Core Recommendations…

So far, a lot of solid hardcore albums have come out this summer and you should definitely add these to your collection (click on the album to go to their Myspace pages):

This Is Hell-Weight Of The World.  This is their third and quite possibly best album yet. Anthemic core with a rocky feel to it.Deez Nuts-This One’s For You. Australia’s  party boys drop their second full length complete with enough drunken anthems to put the Beastie Boys to shame. Fun, down to earth jams.

Down To Nothing-All My Sons. This is one of my favorite bands and their latest drop picks up where The Most left off. 6 tracks of no frills, short but sweet, bangers.

Trash Talk-Eyes & Nines. Another solid release from this California wrecking ball.  Straight up punk hardcore with balls, and one of the best bands out today IMO. The Ghost Inside-Returners. These cats have “returned” (all pun intended) with another consistent release of metal-core fury. There are not very many cross over bands these days that catch my liking, but I do appreciate TGI’s catchy as hell straightforward sound. Check it!

I’m also looking forward to new jams from Terror, Gravemaker, Bitter End, Cruel Hand, and Donnybrook. Call me out on what else I’m missing?


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2 Responses to SP Summer Core Recommendations…

  1. Derek says:

    The new Integrity is most definitely worth a listen. Oh, and new Ceremony and Stick To Your Guns.

  2. Zach says:

    Wolf City-Unchecked Agression

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