ATTN: Clothing Lines, Bands, Businesses and Such, Need Printing?

Being the big fan of social media interaction that I am, I decided to help out a local screen-printer by lending a hand to their online presence. This is the same printer I’ve entrusted our prints through for our most recent release and judging by my experience, a company I’ll be supporting for a while. The company’s called Central Printing Inc. and they’re based out of Tampa, FL. During SP’s one year reign and many years of screen printer hunting (for the bands I’ve been involved with), I know a good honest company when I find one. Not only do they produce quality prints but the prices are very low in comparison to the majority that I’ve come across.

As we all know these days, stretching that dollar as far as it can go is crucial to whatever project you are involved with and Central’s definitely on point with this. This is due in part to the companies low overhead and very small staff. What’s also unique about Central is that if you’re cautious like myself, they can do very small print runs (as they truly cater to the small fry) but also have the capabilities to take on the big dogs.

The company was founded like many tired of the monotonous rat-race by a very down to earth guy by the name of Adam. Adam was managing a large corporate printer and was tired of slaving for anothers gain, and with years of experience under his belt, took the risk and became an entrepreneur. With 80% of businesses in America being locally owned, support the little guys to keep this economy afloat!

If you’re in the market for some printing please drop us a line at . Also, add Central on Myspace to stay up to date with specials and such. Any help you all could give to help me kick start this project would be much appreciated!




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