Calling All Tattoo Artists: SP Needs You Too!

Just like my post on the grafitti piece i’m also looking for a tattoo design. So if you got some sweet work please forward a link to your designs to Depending on the amount of submissions I get I can’t guarantee that I’ll use you, but I’d like to keep a list of good artists that I can turn to for future releases, as I have a lot in mind.

I ship orders all over the world so you’ll get international exposure and of course I’ll send you a tee once printed. I’ll also put you in our top friends as well as in the design description on our Big Cartel site.  If you’re looking for some monetary compensation as well, we can chat it up (but keep in mind we’re a very small line with not too much of a budget).

Message me and i’ll shoot you what i’m looking for. It’s a traditional inspired design. You would also need to have access to photoshop or some sort of digital editing program or at least a scanner as I may need the image in that format to edit it.

Let’s see what you GOT!



About stillproudclothing

Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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