Memorial Day Weekend Wrap.

First off, I just want to give some respect to our boys in uniform in honor of Memorial Day, so thanks!

3-day weekends are always the jam. Nothing like kicking back and letting the weekend run it’s course with no concrete plans. All my 9 to 5’ers know what’s up! It would have been nice to relax the whole time but I’m getting ready to move myself and the SP headquarters in a couple of days, which has got the nerves a little frayed. Between consolidating kitchen stuff, the garage, reserving a moving truck, setting up internet etc., moving is not the most enjoyable activity I like to partake in but the outcome is what’s worth it.

I’ll be living by myself (plus my dog) for the first time ever. It’s a big step but I’m definitely looking forward to it. A year ago I had moved out (with some buds) of the same town I’d been in since 2nd grade, jobless, with this newly started project just launched. I ended up finding a job nonetheless working in an industry I’m very much at odds with, healthcare! But I’m done dwelling on it as it’s merely a stepping-stone to bigger and MUCH better things.

One of the benefits of the move is that my work commute will be cut by 75%, which will free up extra time to devote towards SP amongst other projects I’m baking in my brain. Another plus is the ability to better focus my energies on my goals. When you’re living with 3 other people it can be a little tricky to focus on productivity and shacking up with my lonesome will be the perfect atmosphere to see this through. If I’m sounding like I have everything together, I don’t, ha, but I’m getting there!

Besides hitting up a show with my boys Actions Speak Louder (check em out), watching the Rampage/ Evans fight (which was rather disappointing) and eating lots of pizza, I did have a chance to get some sketching done. I’ve always been the occasional doodler but after realizing that I had a Michael’s gift card that had not been used in some time, I decided to stock up on some sharpies, erasers and paper to reinvigorate this past time activity. It’s a great form of expression and no doubt a platform for some possible future designs, so I’m stoked about it.

Going a little further, It’s my firm belief that the greatest potential we have as human beings is the ability to create. This ability knows no income or skill level, only the willingness to recognize and use it. So get out there and do something with your potential no matter how minuscule or grand it may be. Remember, the longest journey begins with the first step.

Here are some random pics from the weekend:

This is my weekend ritual on Friday’s after work. Whether I’m heading out to chill with some friends or going home to work on SP, I need a little boost to get me through the night. Sketching the night away.

My boy big Kev representing a custom 5 xl tee. If you’re a big boy and looking for a 4 or 5xl, get at me prior to printing and ill hook it up!Nothing like pizza from mom and pop restaurants. Support your local businesses, they need it!

A brief moment of relaxation: coffee and a good book. Never stop learning!

On a run I found a big ass patch of blackberries! Made my day, can’t beat fresh, organic, FREE fruit.

SP headquarters Pre-Move.

To close out the holiday weekend I threw together an all-American past time: frank and beans (veggie style), cheers!

It’s going to be a busy weekend between family being in town and the move so I’ll be a little disconnected from here for a bit. Stay tuned for a post move-in update and have a good weekend!



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