Life Purpose, and What’s To Come From This “Company” Blog…

Life Purpose. I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot lately. What the hell am I here to do? It is a question that has surfed around in the minds of men (and women) since the dawn of time and the birth of reason. Perhaps it’s the self-development material I’ve been engrossed in the last couple of months (I know, I’m a nerd, thanks Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Napoleon Hill, Steve Pavlina and others) or the fact that i’m about a 1/4 of the way through my life (at 26 years young), but regardless of the stimuli, I think we all could use a serious conversation with ourselves to figure this one out. I think that part of societies problem is that we’re for the most part “victims” to chance, we’re drifting and not truly living. We merely except things as how they are and not what we would like them to be.
A purpose gives us hope, happiness and something (hopefully) positive to align our lives with. It’s our compass through life and without it were merely sailing the (sometimes) stormy seas as opposed to navigating our course and experiencing that which we want to accomplish with our remaining days. Keep in mind that your purpose does not need to be something as big as curing world hunger or being the first person to be half man/ half machine (ha) but it can be something as simple as helping others or attaining consistent personal happiness.
Some people are more sporadic and thrive on taking everything as it comes but I don’t think I’m necessarily of the same cloth. Personally, I believe that my purpose is rather simple: experience and influence. I want to experience as much as possible through traveling the world and meshing with different cultures and taking up different activities and challenges. Along with this, I want to be self-employed and not a product of a corporation but truly living life on my own terms. If this is not the project that accomplishes this (which I believe someday it will), I’ll find a way as I want to show others that just because it’s a path less traveled with no safety net, taking the gamble as an “entrepreneur” is an exhilarating journey and one full of lessons to be learned. After all, being the curious creatures that we are, are we not here to learn about our selves and surroundings through experience?
Maybe you’re wondering why i’m delving into such a concept on here but I think it’s fair game.  This blog should not exist for the mere sake of only announcing things within this company, to me that’s rather boring and superficial. Having been a longtime lurker of such companies as Johnny Cupcakes, Rebel 8, the Hundreds, Loud and Obnoxious among others, I think transparency and personalization in business is an excellent attribute with any company. I know that when I buy something I like to know that who I’m buying from is a real company with a sincere foundation. Therefore, I want to open this blog up and give you a broader  behind the scenes look at what goes into SP and who the brains behind this operation is, sup? There are no limitations of what may be covered here so check back often as I will make a valiant attempt to keep the posts somewhat consistent.  Hell, you may even learn a thing or two (sigh).

With that being said,  have any of you given thought into your purpose, what did you come up with? If you’re a part of the majority and still wondering what the hell you’re here for this article may be a good start, I know it really gave me something to reflect on:

Anyhow, it’s the freaking weekend and i’m spent on getting all deep into thought. Who’s down for some fighting action tonight?

I’m still torn over who’s going to take it…



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