Clean Out The Box Sale: Goodbye 2009, Hello Future Prints?

What started out as 5 boxes and a total of 400  tees has been consolidated to just shy of 3 boxes with approximately 127 left.  I have a dilemma friends. With a bunch of ideas and concepts lingering in the vast valleys of my mind and on the pages of notebooks before me,  I (as i’m sure you) would like to see them take flight.  Therefore, I’m reducing the remaining summer tees (FCK Fighting, SP Hammers, American Straightedge, and Support Independent Hip-Hop)  to $10. Sizes are few and far between so don’t sleep on it as their is a 99% chance that these will NOT be re-printed!  This sale will run for the next 2 weeks!!

If you’re a SMALL or YOUTH LARGE then you’re in better luck as I’ll cut you a bigger deal. Order one and get the proceeding tees for $8 a piece (only on the Summer Line mind you). To get this deal you just gotta message me (with your address) through our Myspace, Facebook , Twitter or and i’ll hit you back with a price.

As always, much love and respect to all my peoples who have supported this operation thus far. Now friends,  it’s in your hands,  go make it happen.



About stillproudclothing

Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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