Diamonds and Dice Oh My.

Diamonds, you’ve seen many clothing lines use these in their logos or name, but what type of significance do they have in the overall brands message? I’ll go ahead and say not much as they are typically used more for artistic appeal than a deep seated meaning. To me, diamonds represent prosperity, as they are a natural resource, which is much valued in our society for their pristine aura and status “boost.”

Dice, when you see these, images of gambling or risk are probably very evident. In my eyes I see dice as representative of a game of chance very much in the way that life tends to operate. When both of these are combined you have the pursuit of prosperity. Prosperity does not necessarily correlate to dollars but more importantly, peace of mind and happiness.

Now why am I talking about this stuff? I’ve just been thinking about the overall message of SP and really find semblance with using both of these in some of our future releases. I began to include them with the SP Crowns design and really like the way they flow with the path we are on. SP is all about holding onto that certain place or identity that defines you as a person amongst a world that demands mediocrity and falling in line. Even more than this, I aim to put out stuff that empowers, motivates and or strengthens human character and the diamond/ dice combination feels right to me. What do you think?


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