Springing Forward In Pursuit Of The Crown!

Well well well, it’s been a rather busy month since our Spring release! It feels like it’s been longer but time is a flying by. I want to give a big thank you to all who have picked up the new line. It means a lot that you would spend your hard earned cash to help me build up this brand, so THANKS!

I can’t believe that our boxes are half empty at the moment and that half of the orders are International. It used to take me about an hour to get the weeks packages ready and now it’s doubled, ha. Peep the last couple of weeks orders:
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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We have also recently added two new sponsorships to the Fam: Pay No Respect and Lionheart which are two bands you need to keep on your radar for sure.

On the hype front, SP has been interviewed by Young Poor and Angry Press, check it here.

Amidst selling my car,  gearing up for a move, and the 9 to 5 bullshit,  I’ve been brainstorming some new ideas and getting them down on paper. I’m definitely looking forward to the new jams as I feel they will really diversify this brand and help us broaden our appeal while of course still retaining the same flavor that you’ve come to appreciate. With summer just around the bend you should probably look out for some weather permitting gear from the SP camp…Just saying. As always I want your feedback, what do you want to see?

Another update I wanted to put out into the transparent light is regarding our prices. From day one  my goal was to put out the best quality gear at the lowest price and I’ve lived up to that promise. However, quality does come with a price as I’m planning on adding (sick drum roll) legit screen print tags starting with our t-shirts.  Like any addition, this will cost more money and as a result (insert dreadful music) I’ll have to bring the prices up.

Keep in mind that I should have done this with our Spring release because not only did I decrease the quantity we put out per design (from 75 to 50) but I also printed on better quality tees: Alstyle (which is what a lot of skate and street brands use). If you have ever printed shirts before you know that the more you print and lesser quality t-shirts you use the less you spend and the more potential you have to make. This is what bands do. Although a lot of companies shortcut their customers to do this, SP is not one of them! I took a bit of a hit with the latest release but it’s all good as I attempted to keep prices in check and overlooked this expenditure.  If you’re still with me on this think about it this way, the more money I have to fund this operation, the more products I can release and the more consistent our overall release schedule will be. I’m not exactly sure what the cost will be as i’ll have to run the numbers once I put in my next order but the estimate is between $15-20.

For the naysayers out there, one more tidbit on the prices. If you calculated the time I put into this and how much we  pull in you’d probably quit right now but I have no intentions of doing so. To date I have not taken a cent and it’d be nice after a year of hustling to  to at least pay myself back for what I’ve already funneled into this company, I’m hoping you would agree.

Anyhow,  in the next couple of weeks I’ve got some other announcements to throw out there so stay tuned for those and in the meantime, pick something up: http://stillproudclothing.bigcartel.com/

Thanks for stopping by.

P.s: We need more fan pics, send them to: stillproudclothing@gmail.com or message them to me on Facebook or Myspace



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