Sizes are getting low….

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Hey Everyone,
Just did an inventory check and made some corrections to sizes that for whatever reason did not get updated in our store inventory. Anyhow, the quantities are correct in the store and apologies go out to those who ordered and we did not have the size. The following tees we only have ONE LEFT so snatch em up quick because these will most likely not get reprinted. This is not an exhaustive list of all the other low sizes, I did though include the sizes that we are sold out of . If a size is not listed then we have at least 2 or more so you might have a little time but I would not hold out as they say, “the early bird gets the worm.”

SP Crowns

Small (red), XL (Black), 3XL Black, 2XL’s-SOLD OUT

3XL: 1 Royal Blue and Red left

XL-1 Red left

L-1 Royal Blue left

M-1 Royal

S-1 Black

YL-1 Red, Royal, and Black left

Can’t Stop

3XL: 1  left

2XL-1 left

My Fight

3XL (Grey), XL (Black)-SOLD OUT

3XL: 1 Black left

2XL-1 Grey left

XL-1 Grey left

YL-1 Grey left

FCK Fighting


L-1 left

SP Hammers


YL- 1 Navy left

L-1 Maroone and Navy left
Keep Metal Out

1-2XL left

Support Independent Hip-Hop


SP Hoodie


Get your orders in here:

Thanks so much for the support and stay tuned for more blog posts coming very soon!



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