Pay No Respect Interview

As a testament to the talent that is running rampant across seas, I just had to work with these guys as their sound is solid and menacing, live show engaging and an ethic of hard work and dedication that’s refreshing. Without further adieu I caught up with Dan (guitar) from Pay No Respect in which we discuss the bands beginnings, goals and accomplishments thus far. Record labels take note, hardcore kids get on this as these cats are about to bust out of the UK!

SP: Give us some background on Pay No Respect, how did this all come about?

Dan-PNR: We formed in early 2007 with the mentality to write music we love to listen to. Originally, we were a 4 piece with Joe on guitar instead of vocals at the time, and tried out many vocalists who just couldn’t do what we asked of them. After almost a year of writing songs Joe put down his guitar and traded it to be the front man, which we feel was the best move and thus this makes us who we are today.
SP: You guys self-released your first album (Fear Profits Man Nothing) and are currently working on your second, are you in talks with any labels or are you guys aiming for the DIY route?

Dan-PNR: We were lucky enough to have the Polish guys at Spooks Records help us out this time round. They will be releasing a limited edition CD throughout Europe, Canada and Japan with 3 tracks from FPMN which will be available very soon!
SP: If “You Failed” and “Game Over” are any indication of things to come, I think this new album’s really going put you guys out into the limelight. Are there any overarching influences that are motivating your sound as of late and what can we expect to hear on the new jam?
Dan-PNR: We’ve worked hard on finding a sound we were happy with, and we think we have found it with our new record “Moving On.”As a band we feel we have matured a lot since the old record hence the title of the new record, so expect the same PNR flavor but with a bit more aggression and emotion behind it.
SP: You have some big shows and tours coming up, who are you guys hitting the pavement with in the next coming months and what is PNR looking to accomplish as a band?

Dan-PNR: We are stoked beyond belief to be able to play with bands such as Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Madball and First Blood as we have looked up to these guys for years. Also with being able to be a part of Death Before Dishonor’s UK tour we are very happy with where things are going and intend to keep on keeping on.
SP: Judging from your videos, it looks like the UK scene is alive and well. Tell us about the scene you call home?
Dan-PNR: 3 or 4 years ago around our area it had almost seemed like it had come to an end after a few decent hardcore bands split up, but we have noticed over the past year it has definitely grown. There’s a whole lot more bands and promoters around now which makes for some awesome lineups which gets people to shows.

SP: When can we expect to see you in the US?

Dan-PNR: We have as of yet not been able to cross the pond as being a DIY band is hard. To book a US tour though would be incredible, but we would need some help! Maybe if this new record ends up in the right hands, who knows!

SP: What’s the rest of 2010 looking like for PNR?
Dan-PNR: So far it’s looking solid, we’ve got some sick shows coming up as well as tours, and in talks with other bands to book more tours towards the end of the year.

SP: Throw out some links for us peep your material?
Dan-PNR: Everything can be found at

SP: Shout outs?
Dan-PNR: Pops, Spooks Records, Still Proud, Honour Over Glory, Deep Anchor Promotions. Also check out our friends in, Your Demise, Brutality Will Prevail, One Step Down, Hang The Bastard, This Is Colour, 8Control, and Tides Of Virtue.


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  1. Piedobear says:

    Nice interview, great band.

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