Still Proud Clothing Winter Release: “Swing At The World” Concept

What’s this Swing At The World stuff all about? Here at SP, I’m all about releasing products that have a meaning vs. random designs that simply look appealing. Swing At The World is a concept release and the theme is based around individuals choosing their own path in life and never faltering. Whether you’re in school, caught up in the nine to five hustle, or doing whatever it is you do to get by, swing and swing hard because that is how knowledge and experience are gained. I see a lot of people out there frustrated with their lives and it’s unfortunate as you have one life to live and simply not enough time to live it. We all know what’s at the end of the path so take everything that this life has to offer and own your destiny! That’s what SATW is all about, living life to the fullest and getting what’s yours.

So here’s the update on what’s in store this time around.

We’re releasing  3 new t-shirt designs and one hoodie and i’ve made some other adjustments I’d like to inform you of.

Quantities: Each design of our Summer release was set at 75 pieces and with our next I have decided to knock it down to 50. I decided to do this while in multiple board meetings with myself, the reasoning:

A. So we can get on a more consistent release schedule. Who does not like more fresh designs?

B. It makes the designs we put out more exclusive (and reprints less likely, just saying hint hint).

What this means is that especially in the YL, S, XL, XXL, 3XL department, the sizes are very low so make sure that if you feel these designs to pick them up early!

Quality: We upped the quality of the shirts we now print on. We are now using Alstyle 100% cotton blanks. Alstyle is the industry standard in the street wear and skateboard apparel markets and I’ll tell you first hand, some very comfortable, barely shrinkable, nice fitting tees.

What’s better, is that even though the SATW collection cost me more (with smaller quantities and better blanks), I didn’t raise the prices, so I took a little bit more of a hit, you’re welcome. Hopefully I can keep it like that but we’ll see.

So you’re probably wondering “So when the hell are you going to release these?” Our tentative release date is Monday 3/8/10. I have a photo shoot on Saturday and then hopefully by that time I’ll have the pics and some other graphic stuff back in time for Mondays release. Make sure you stay tuned to our multiple social network outposts for play by play information.

Until then,  peek these:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic



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