Keep Metal out of Hardcore…..Whaaaaaaaaattttttttt?

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“Worst shirt. Keep closed-minded kids out of hardcore. 90% of people don’t know what real hardcore is anyway. The bands you all listen too don’t make you cool and are influenced by metal.”-Hammer from The World We Knew.

“Hardcore came from punk, the idea of hardcore punk came from punk bands based around rough neighborhoods, upbringings etc; metal and hardcore should never be confused and its a shame that there are bands which make it confusing to some so I think this shirt says it all.” -XHaltzX

“Ha metal kids are so ignorant, its not necessarily talking shit on metal, just to keep metal out of hardcore, what’s the big deal? Too much psycho shit runs though their minds to think clearly.”-Patrick

“Unless you listen exclusively to hardcore from 1980 to 1986 then this shirt doesn’t make sense…you cant keep out what’s already there.”-Straight Edge Fred

“Ok to clarify I’m just tired of people calling metal core bands hardcore. Hardcore at its roots came from punk not metal and people need to realize that hardcore is not what most people think. Hardcore is a passionate genre that deals with social ills and has a strong message, metal is about killing people and getting drunk not so much of a good subject. Hardcore is a great thing that has changed lives, in the shirt I get that we want to keep the metal mindset out of hardcore.”-Dillon

“Music is just noise. Like what you like and shut the fuck up, opinions are just that.”-Gary

If you have perused the pictures of this shirt (on our Myspace/ Facebook) you will certainly find many interesting comments like the above examples both flaming and supporting the idea. To clear up some confusion and “hopefully” set the record straight, I figured I mine as well attempt to shed some light on just why we put this design out.

First things first, It’s merely a shirt with a statement, not a bomb set to alter the course of this genre. We certainly appreciate the attention but at the end of the day I think there are certainly larger issues in our culture to focus on versus differences of opinions on a T-shirt. Anyhow, as entertaining as your feedback has been, back to the matter at hand.

To explain the shirt let me take you back a little to when I was just getting involved in the scene. At this time metal-core was starting to really sink in and it seemed every other band and their mother was a part of the metal-core umbrella. Initially, there was an ever-present sentiment that many were talking about regarding metal. The belief was that the influx of this style would popularize hardcore and essentially change it for better or worse. Fast forward to today I doubt that there is anyone who can really deny that metal has not left its mark on the scene. While the initial metal core craze has since tapered down, today’s version is certainly present via thrash and “death-core.” Furthermore, can anyone really deny that this crossover has not brought the hardcore genre somewhat into the limelight of corporate interest (Ozzfest, Hot Topic etc.)? I’m not saying that this is a totally negative thing because it does give hardworking musicians a better chance at supporting themselves and also puts more authentic music into the public domain, but I think it’s certainly fair game to point out the correlation.

I put this shirt out not to flame every hardcore band out there that has some form of metal in their sound. There are many bands that do it well (which I happen to listen to) and of course others who do it horribly. Hell, even two of our sponsored bands have metal influences. We all know that metal is not going anywhere at this point and the real reason for this shirt is to bring back a sense of preservation and pride  to the hardcore scene.  I know that the meaning of hardcore is subjective to interpretation but to me, hardcore has nothing in common with pig squeals, chugs, being evil, rock star attitudes, devil horns or opening for Megadeth, it’s simply pissed off music( with roots in the punk scene) that comes straight from the heart. Now where that line falls is your opinion but I’m hoping now that you at least have a sense of understanding of where I’m coming from with this design. Make sense?

With that being said, let’s have a little fun with this. I’m going to knock off $5 from this shirt because I want to get it out there. I want it to turn heads and spark conversations as it already has. Pick one up and snap a pic of you spreading the word!  I want to see some pile ons, stage diving and hell, wear the shirt in a picture with your favorite metal core band and send it to us 😮

Pick one up today by going here!

Thanks for listening and if you have some feedback (good or bad), drop it in the comments section of this post.



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18 Responses to Keep Metal out of Hardcore…..Whaaaaaaaaattttttttt?

  1. Hahaha I’m into printing so really negative shit but this THIS idont even have words just sounds like some very focused views and expressions and issues he has lol I mean some shit shud deff not be put to ink hahah I find myself refineing a lot of ideas if not id have some american terrerist a.c.r.b.shooting cops jus nasty shit

    He deff. Should of not printed this throw the shit on the pile of corny tees next to I’m with stupid

    Xavier horror

  2. GAMC BITCH says:

    I say fuck this shirt. Stop living in the fucking past. I see all these bands these days. Bands like Rotting Out, Ceremony, and Trash Talk. Playing “fast and violent” music saying its a “pure form of hardcore”. FUCK THAT. Hardcore isnt about the sound of the music. Its about the message in the music. Bands like Madball, Death Threat, and Will to Live are hardcore. but they don’t tune in D and play some power violence rip off shit. Whichever way you put it hardcore music came from the streets. Plain and simple. Half these “hardcore bands” that you back haven’t worked a fucking day in their life. Fuck the posi shit. Fuck the fakes. KEEP THE HARD IN HARDCORE. Pantera invented the first breakdown! nuff said.

    • Hedbanga says:

      well actually anthrax overkill and suffocation all did breakdowns before pantera but as far as i know a new york hardcore band by the name of Sheer Terror was the first to use breakdowns how they are used now in their early and mid 80s demos but other earlier breakdowns have been recorded in other hardcore and metal bands dating back to the sabbath ozzy days sheer terror actually just mixed the doom metalish sound of celtic frost with the early hardcore sound to make their breakdowns but this proves my point that much of metal and hardcore are one in the same even the thrash guys walked around in minor threat and black flag tees anthrax started off playing in brooklyn with new york hardcore bands not to mention hardcore legends like cro-mags and madball rely heavily on metal influences and the two genres have been merging since their creation but i understand the hardcore kids plight because i can see my favorite hardcore bands with $10 where as metal bands charge up the an arm and a leg most of the time

      from a metal/punk historian

      • Hedbanga says:

        Actually Suffocation might have been around the same time as pantera and pretty much any breakdown done now can be traced back to those two bands and their breakdowns are insanely heavy check out Domination by Pantera and Infecting the Crypts by Suffocation their earliest known breakdowns and Ready to Halt by Sheer Terror has a pretty good breakdown from their 1985 demo

  3. Christian Novia says:

    I agree with where it oringinated, but the punk rock scene died out and had to morph and it did infuse other sounds over the years. And I’m sorry but you need to read a book on old school metal jackass cause Metallica and Iron Maiden are metal. If you listened to them the ills of sociey are prevelent especially in Metallica. Not to mention all genres focus on focus on ills of society and horrible upbringings. Its a matter of presentation and feeling while performing. Im laughing cause all this modern hxc is mixed with metal in some way, gimme a break dude be alittle more opened minded. Metal and Hardcore to me are similar and are better combined. Punk died get over it,Its decsendents have now produced some awesome music thanks to the infusion of metal

  4. xDANx says:

    i got this shirt a few months back because i felt the same way about it that the guys at Still Proud do i guess. i wore it to a local “hardcore” show on halloween. it was basically ONE hardcore band (the one i went to support) sandwiched between a handful of bands trying REALLY fucking hard to be The Acacia Strain. i got a lot of negative reactions and dirty looks, but fuck it. i showed it off and i was proud to do it. and to clarify, i dig metal and i LOVE metalcore. but the when our scene has 5 bands all striving to sound like the same Acacia Strain song, we have a problem. i wouldn’t even call that metalcore. it’s bullshit.

  5. brendan says:

    This is stupid. Teenagers arguing about what hardcore is or is not is stupid. Everyone sucks, I won’t be buying this gay ass shirt or even so much as look at it. Infact I’m going to go straight Oedipus on my eyeballs for looking at such stupid nonsense. Fuck you. If you want to “keep metal out of hardcore” you should invent a time machine and have a serious discussion with Cryptic Slaughter, faggot.

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  7. Ryan says:

    Who cares. I like Gary’s message, “like what you like and shut the fuck up”.

    Your life and hardcore are NOT important in the real world. Grow up, get an education, get a fucking job. Stop wasting all your time arguing about a genre of music. That is all this is: music. Basing your life around it is why you see the 35 year old dudes at shows that still live on their mom’s couch. You know, the “cool guys”. And this comes from personal experience after being years deep in hardcore and living and working with many of those guys. AS much as it might seem that way now, you do NOT want to be that guy.

    Hardcore isn’t as serious as people pretend it is. Enjoy it and shut up.

  8. Russell says:

    Interesting…I think everyone here just about has it spot on, the two styles have had too much interaction over the years to be totally separated. I just want to throw one thing out there about your “Metal isn’t going anywhere” comment; as a metal fan, I’ve heard more times than I can count (including in the comments above) that metal is all about being evil and getting drunk and killing people and has nothing in it of any worth. This is the opinion of someone who has delved no further into the genre than the bands on the surface; you might get this same response if you asked a member of the Westboro Baptist Church what metal was about. To say metal isn’t going anywhere is to reveal yourself as someone who is only familiar with the bands in the spotlight – which you must know, as a hardcore fan, are usually not the best bands in any style. The best bands are the ones slaving away in the underground with heart and passion to make something new and thought-provoking. Before you equate all metal with Cannibal Corpse, try listening to Negura Bunget, Arkona, Fen or Panopticon.

    On the plus side, it’s nice to see the hardcore scene, which seemed pretty anti-metal to me seven or eight years ago when I first encountered it, represented on this page by people who don’t want to see things in black and white.

  9. NocturnalTerror says:

    The cross pollination of metal and hardcore has been mostly good for both genres (Metal: thrash/death/black/war metal) (Hardcore: powerviolence/grindcore/crust/skramz/) This type of attitude is why I stopped associating with the hardcore scene awhile ago.

  10. NocturnalTerror says:

    I forgot to mention, also first wave metalcore (Converge, Botch, Integrity)

  11. Mako says:

    As a metalhead, I agree with this ironic shirt.

  12. Rambo says:

    Hardcore is a gay thing about two men ripping into each other anus, Heavy Metal is about getting drunk, getting chicks and sometimes knocking that Hardcore punk poof.

  13. Tompkins Square says:

    LOL i started listening the hardcore back in 1984. I went to high school with the guys who formed Breakdown / Raw Deal / Killing Time. I remember back THEN people bitching about what was hardcore and what was metal. Walking around grumpy about “hair heads” and how “thats not real hardcore boo-hoo”. Its almost 30 years later and Im fat and old… and people are still crying about the same bullshit LOL. How long are you going to pout and whine for? Done is long, LONG done. Build a time machine and go back to 1980 are do some crying then. Its way too late now. Get over it. Seriously, youve got to be kidding me… most of you werent even born when the two forms started crossing over and youre bitching about it now like some great cause to get all puffed up over LOL. Back in the day WE were bitching about YOU kids and what a bunch of fakes you were wearing clothes and talking about crews and shit you knew nothing about. Songs were written about how bullshit the scene got ages ago and now the new school is talking as if old school LOL. Many of the most respected early Hardcore bands listened to, were influenced by, and respected metal. PS – What matters most isnt the sound but the message and the heart behind it.

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