An Interview with Vlad from Knock Em Dead

Since 2005, Knock Em Dead has been hustling its name in the trenches of the hardcore/ metal scene and are about to get the exposure they rightfully deserve. With there first full length “Endless Struggle” set to be released on Eulogy records (in early Feb), and an already solid touring mentality, these Miami heavy hitters are set to take on the world! In their first interview since recording, we take it back to the beginning to see how the band got there start, where they are headed and most importantly find out what they are all about. Enjoy!

SP: First off, whom from Knock Em Dead are we speaking with?
KED: I’m Vlad I play drums.
SP: Give us a run down of how Knock Em Dead came to be and is there a theme to your music that you want kids to walk away with?

KED: KED started in 05 with just Hamlet and me and then we slowly built up the roster, which was recently completed. As for a central message, we just hope that kids get their monies worth, that’s really important to us.

SP: There have been so many great bands that have come from Miami (Dance Floor Justice, Thick As Blood,
All Hell Breaks Loose, On Our Own to name a few), what is it about this city that churns out such great jams?

KED: It’s all about the Latin flavor ha-ha naw for real, it’s hard out here in Miami with jobs so we all struggle and I guess that that is what pushes the bands to play material that stands apart from the rest.

SP: Would you say that your hometown has affected Knock Em Deads sound? If so, in what way?
KED: Absolutely, the kids from Miami always push us and we love them all cause it’s real hard to keep a band in order these days. Without them, I’m not sure that we would be here.

SP: KED recently signed to Eulogy records, how did that come about and how are they treating you thus far?
KED: We had played a Eulogy show in West Palm and John (the co-owner) really seemed to like us. Hamlet ended up talking to him at the show and then over the last year the rest was history. There treating us really good and we feel like we’re a part of the family for sure.

SP: You recently recorded your first full-length at the infamous Machine shop (Lamb Of God, Every Time I Die), any update on the title and the tentative release date? Also, give us an idea of what we should be expecting to hear?

KED: The album is called “Endless Struggle” and it should come out by the end of January or the start of February. Expect a lot of energy with this album! A LOT!

SP: How does the writing process for the band work and did you have any specific influences with your new material?
KED: This being our first full length we really wanted to take it back to our roots along the lines of Sepultura , Slayer and Converge while still keeping that Miami beat down style. That about sums it up.

SP: What does the rest of 2009 hold for the band? (Upcoming tour info, etc.)
KED: We recently got added to a tour with our good friends and label mates Thick As Blood. After that in late January were doing a huge Eulogy tour with Donnybroook, Shattered Realm, Rhinoceros, Creatures and more bands TBA. We are very excited about this tour.

SP: What is life on the road like with Knock Em Dead and what have been your favorite cities so far to play in?
KED: Well touring is always a good time and nothing but smiles but it’s a lot of work, work that we love doing of course. The most notable cities we like playing in are New York, California, Texas and all of the East Coast.

SP: How do you feel about the current state of hardcore?
KED: We’re very proud to be a part of the scene. Lots of good bands are coming out and we’re proud of hardcore and how far it has come (remember it use to be almost nothing back in the day and people just kept pushing it) .

SP: If you had to give 2 pieces of advice to upcoming bands looking to tour or get signed, what would those be?
KED: I would say work hard cause there’s always other band out there trying to get big. Also understand that it all starts with band practice so don’t miss it for any reason. Movies and partying can wait. I always say work hard play later.

SP: Any Shout outs?

KED: Shouts go out to King Conquer, Line of Scrimmage, STILL PROUD CLOTHING, Hoods, Eulogy records, Malito, Born To Hate, Secrecy, West Coast Worldwide and to all of our friends and family.

SP: Lastly, throw out some links for us to stay up to date on all the latest Knock Em Dead happenings?


KED Myspace

KED Facebook

KED Twitter

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