What’s going down in the SP camp lately?

Well nice of you to ask, jack!

I know it’s been a bit since we have updated this thing but you will be enlightened to know that we have some ideas to keep this blog a more consistent, entertaining read.Besides the company updates I’m also going to be expanding the content to include interviews with some of your favorite bands, record labels, promoters, etc. This company was founded to be a voice for the hip-hop and hardcore scene and right now in this garbage economy our industry needs all of the exposure and promotion it can get, so stay tuned in the coming weeks for that!

In other news…

We have been hard at work getting the word out across the globe and seem to be doing a pretty good job at it ::pats self on back:: as just last week we sent off an order (of 18 shirts) to  our friends at Caboose records (Japan). Other then that we are starting to get more and more international orders. So far we have shipped to Australia, Japan, the UK, Canada and Germany which is very refreshing to see.

SP was also interviewed by an online zine as well as a rather large publication which is pretty exciting. More details to come once they are published.

Also, stay tuned for some more sponsorship announcements in the next coming weeks!

Anywho, that about concludes today’s  informative update and I leave you with a couple pics of people repping SP at Plan B’s Summer Meltdown Fest (in Ft. Myers):

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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