Your music scene/ industry needs YOU!

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As I hope you know we’re in a recession that has or is morphing into a depression, now that we’ve cleared up the obvious lets get to the point of this post, our industry. You know, the hard knit web that keeps our subculture of music alive and well? I’m talking about the record labels, bands/artists, distribution outlets, booking agencies, graphic designers,clothing companies, photographers, you get the picture.
Record Labels are holding off on signings which makes for fewer album releases, bands are thinking twice about touring and thus the industry as a whole is affected. This coupled with poor album sales due to downloads, a rise in gas prices and a tighter grip on the wallet is sure to tip the boat in a matter of time.
We all have a minute understanding that regardless of the economic state, our industry is not exactly a cash cow where bands, labels, promoters, clothing companies and the like are making big bucks. Almost everyone gets into this for the experience and bond that our music is reluctant to give us so in turn it falls in our hands to keep it alive.
Do what you can to keep this machine well greased, whether its by picking up the latest release, catching your favorite bands on tour and buying merch or simply attending/promoting local shows.
If you don’t have the money it’s totally understandable but if you appreciate what the band, clothing company, label, promoter is doing then something as simple as sporting a flyer/ banner on your page or posting a bulletin will suffice.
There are many little things that we all can do to ensure that if it gets bad, we all have something to come back to.



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